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EASI Investments (A Digital Publication)  has assembled a team of financial and industry professionals with years of experience to serve on its Index Committee. The role of the Committee is to ensure the index is being managed according to its stated rules and guidelines. The Committee communicates formally and informally throughout the year as other issues arise.

The members of the  EASI Investments Index Committee are:

David Ryan
Co-Founder of EASI Investments
David Ryan founded Ryan Capital Management in 1998 after working at William O’Neil and Company for 16 years.   David managed Rustic Partners L.P. for 15 years closing the partnership in July 2013. Rustic Partners L.P. specialized investing in growth stocks.  He received national attention when he won the U.S. Investing Championship three times between 1985 and 1990.  This competition, sponsored by a former Stanford Professor, involved real money in real accounts.  Each year approximately 300 contestants, including portfolio managers, market letter writers and individual investors competed to see who could achieve the best returns. 

From 1982 to 1998, David Ryan worked closely with William O'Neil, founder of Investor's Business Daily.  His key responsibility at William O'Neil & Company was advising that firm's 500 institutional clients on individual stock selection.  David also managed several investment portfolios for William O'Neil& Company.  From 1992 to 1997, David was the principal portfolio manager of the New USA Growth Fund.  This was an aggressive growth mutual fund with 200 million dollars in assets and had an average of 70 stocks in the portfolio at any given time.  The New USA Growth Fund was sold to Massachusetts Financial Services in June 1997.  Ryan also gave lectures for Investor’s Business Daily and William O’Neil and Company during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

He has been quoted and featured in numerous books, magazines, newspapers and television programs including: Market Wizards, Momentum Master’s, Forbes, Money, Barron's, Investor's Business Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, CNN, CBS, NBC and CNBC.

Rajneesh Gupta

Co-Founder of EASI Investments

Rajneesh Gupta co-founded EASI Investment after working at Investor’s Business Daily for 13 years and William O’Neil & Company for 17 years. From 1986 to 2015, Rajneesh worked closely with William O’Neil, founder of Investor’s Business Daily. Prior to joining William O’Neil & Company, Rajneesh was working for Tata Burroughs Ltd as a consultant, for 5 years, on various projects in Europe, U.S. and Asia.

Rajneesh Gupta is an Information Technology and Data Science professional involved with working on stock market and financial data for over 30 years. He has been involved with creating software for storing, cleansing and processing Stock Market related data like 10K, 10Q reports, daily stock prices and corporate actions. He designed Databases for storing and publishing financial information of common stocks, preferred stocks, stock options, futures, futures options, spot prices, U.S. government bonds and T-Bills.

He has researched and developed algorithms for selecting growth stocks. While working at William O’Neil & Company he worked on creating rankings which were published in products sold to institutional clients. He met David Ryan while at William O’Neil & Company and created stock lists, using algorithms and pattern recognition techniques, which were used for selecting stocks for the New USA Fund. He has a passion for researching financial markets and believes that most stock selection methodologies can be converted into a rule based algorithm.

Rajneesh has an Engineering Degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT) and an MBA from Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI). He went to St. John’s High School, Chandigarh for his School Leaving Certificate from Cambridge University (O Level). He is a member of the following associations: Life member of American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) since 1986; Algorithmic Traders; Global Financial Markets; UCLA Technology Development Group; Data Science Central; Finance Club; Stock Traders Daily.

Mark MacArthur
Co-Founder of EASI Investments

After a stint in Professional baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins, Mark began his career in the investment and finance industry with the Chicago investment bank First Trust Portfolios (formerly Nike Securities, LP) in 1993.  Mark worked in the sales and product development within the asset management firm from 1993-1999.  In 1999, Mark became Senior Vice President and moved into a management role overseeing the Midwest division, followed by working with key accounts and sales development.  Over the decade, First Trust Portfolios became a nationally known, multi-billion dollar presence in frontline investment ideas.  In 2002, Mark left to become a partner of startup ETF asset management company PowerShares Capital Management overseeing sales and national accounts, instrumental in bringing the first PowerShares ETF to market.  Moving back to California, in 2004 Mark established Criterion Wealth Management, later departing the firm to pursue a new investment advisory model by creating the M2 Stewardship Group; introducing M2 Capital Advisors, the M2 Power Plan! along with this work at EASI Investements.

Mark graduated with his degree from The Master’s University in 1990.  Mark is a Registered Investment Advisor and holds NASD Series 7, 24, 63, and 65 licenses.  In 2002, Mark completed the CFP Professional Educational Program at Metro State University, Denver, CO and subsequently obtained the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) designation.  An experienced speaker and portfolio manager, Mark has contributed to various products, sales tools and key initiatives with numerous companies.

Mark has been involved in various community activities involving Newhall and William S. Hart School Districts, local youth sports, The Master’s University and other community councils and boards.  In his free time, Mark enjoys time with his family, as well as, riding motorcycles, water skiing, traveling, reading theology, reading history and reading about the financial markets.

 EASI Investments
 (A Digital Publication)

 Email: easipublisher@gmail.com


Performance of EASI Tactical Growth Index, updated as of Jul 02, 2020

Index1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 YearSince Inception
EASI Tactical Growth Index-13.7%-6.6%20.5%52.8%51.3%321.9%
S&P500® (SPX)6.6%20.1%36.8%61.3%66.9%245.9%
 Annualized Performance
EASI Tactical Growth Index-13.7%-3.4%6.4%11.2%8.6%15.8%
S&P500® (SPX)6.6%9.6%11.0%12.7%10.8%13.5%

Calendar year Performance of EASI Tactical Growth Index, updated as of Jul 02, 2020

EASI Tactical Growth Index-18.4%13.3%6.3%36.7%17.4%8.2%10.7%53.1%22.0%1.2%
S&P500® (SPX)-2.1%31.5%-4.4%21.8%12.0%1.4%13.7%32.4%16.0%2.1%


The EASI Tactical Growth Index was launched on February 27, 2017. Index values between September 10, 2010 and February 27, 2017 have been calculated pursuant to a back-tested methodology (i.e. calculations of how the index might have performed over that time period had the index existed) with an initial index value level of 100. There are frequently material differences between back-tested performance and actual results. Index returns do not reflect payment of any sales charges or fees an investor may pay to purchase securities underlying the Index or investment funds that are intended to track the performance of the Index, the imposition of which would cause actual and back-tested performance to be lower than the performance shown. Past performance of the Index, whether actual or back-tested, is not an indication or guarantee of future results. All Index values have been calculated by Solactive AG (See additional disclaimer below).

The Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index (“S&P 500 Index") is an unmanaged index generally representative of the U.S. stock market. Index returns do not reflect fees, commissions or other expenses of investing. Investors may not make direct investment into any index.


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